Paperless Closer

Close online with the "Paperless Closer" at MillerTitleTX.comThanks to Miller Title’s considerable investment in technology, you can follow the steps leading up to your closing online as well. Through our online transaction management system, Paperless Closer, all you need is an internet connection. Once we have your contract, simply ask your closer or any other representative of Miller Title to assist in setting up your Paperless Closer login.

How It Works

Paperless Closer provides access to step-by step transaction information online, from any computer with internet access and requires no special software. Parties in the closing process can monitor the progress of the transaction; view, print and download information; post and receive messages; receive automatic event notifications; and exchange documents. If you would like to start enjoying the benefits of Paperless Closer with your next real estate transaction, please let your Closing Officer know today!

You can begin enjoying the benefits of Paperless Closer now by simply sending us a contract.

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