Roberto Perez • Branch Manager / Escrow Officer

Roberto Perez, Escrow Officer & Bilingual Closer
Roberto Ixtzul Perez
Branch Manager/Escrow Officer
Office: (469) 619-3073
Mobile: (469) 964-5222
Fax: (469) 453-3208

Roberto Perez comes from a Hispanic heritage being the son of an US Navy veteran Dad and a Mexico city Paralegal mother. He was born and raised in Mexico City in the 80s and was brought up in the city life with a very fast learning pace, and extremely busy life environment.

In 1997, Roberto’s migration to the US gave him a new world to discover and perhaps dreams of conquering it, which he then became a part of the work force.

In the early 2000s He started an Escrow Assistant position working at Capital Title, throughout the years Roberto’s fast learning skills and the hard work he puts in allowed him to create a name for himself in the title business, making his way to the top among the industry’s finest, all with the primary purpose of serving to his community and putting his experience to work. Making his experience a main back bone to his business, he delivers on every single step of the transaction and creates a very seamless transaction process for the new home owners.


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